24Houranswers review 2022

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About 24houranswers

According to my research, this website belongs to Parker Paradigms, Inc, a US-based company created in 2005 by a Chemistry professor. The headquarters are located in New York State. And the company hosts hundreds of tutors ready to assist you with homework and assignments on any subject, from Art History to Programming and beyond. But is 24houranswers a legit website? Are their services worth the expense? 

I asked myself the same questions when I stumbled upon the website, and I’m here today to provide answers in this detailed 24houranswers review. Make sure you finish this post before deciding if the company is worthy of your trust.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

You won’t get a direct answer if you’re interested in the 24houranswers price policy. You have to sign up for an account, create a request and wait for the system to assign a tutor. After that, the tutor gets 30 minutes to provide a price quote. If that doesn’t happen, you can switch tutors and repeat the whole song and dance. I wonder why not a single 24houranswers.com review mentions this weird process and the amount of time it takes to get any response from tutors. 

If you want to save, go with the ready-made homework library option. Depending on the subject and type of assignment, the prices range from a couple of bucks to $70+. Multiple-choice tests are at the bottom of the price range, while papers and problem solutions are usually the most expensive options. 

Is 24houranswers Worth It?

I was hoping to find a 24houranswers Reddit review, but my search returned zero results. And when I was looking for a 24houranswers review on Quora, I was equally unlucky. Trustpilot was the only place with meaningful feedback. And while most posts were positive, I found plenty of complaints about poor quality and excessive pricing. 

How good is 24houranswers? It’s hard for me to evaluate their tutoring sessions, as I ran out of patience waiting for a tutor to be assigned. I’ve seen complaints about their pricing, though most reviews claim the quality is okay. The ready-made assignments aren’t bad, but the pricing seems excessive. I paid $27 (with a 50% discount) for detailed answers to four questions. Considering it wasn’t an original paper I could use, the price seemed inflated. While the answers were not bad, I spent a couple of days reworking them into an essay, so I don’t consider my money well-spent.

Terms of Use

The critical info missing from most 24houranswers reviews is the lack of any guarantees. For example, the company doesn’t guarantee you’ll get tutoring help within the deadline you set. Apparently, ‘good teaching takes time’, and the tutors can’t always meet your requirements. The company can’t even promise you’ll be happy with the answers the tutor provides. So you meet with them at your own risk. And you can only get your money back if the tutor agrees to a refund. A third-party arbitrator can help you settle the dispute, but I don’t think getting your money back is a real possibility.

Moreover, the website keeps the exclusive intellectual property rights to any materials created for you. So you don’t get to share or post the info you get, but the company can resell your answers to other students. This way, they get paid for the same work at least twice. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?


Another thing missing from 24houranswers.com reviews is the fact that the company offers no online support. The best you get is a contact form that will produce a response in a few hours (if you’re lucky). You can also try the landline, though it’s not toll-free. At least, you can chat with tutors before choosing one for your session, but that’s the extent of the contact you get with the company.

Final Thoughts

Is 24houranswers trustworthy? I thought so when I first came across the website and read the positive feedback. But after struggling through the request process, getting nowhere with tutors, and having to resort to ready-made answers, I’m all out of optimism when it comes to this service. So if you need fast answers, reliable customer support, and want guarantees, look for 24houranswers alternatives. Luckily, there are plenty, from free online lessons to study groups and essay mills.


Is 24houranswers.com legit?

The website was created in 2005 by a Chemistry professor. It’s now part of Parker Paradigms, Inc., a NY-based company. The business seems legitimate enough until you read their Terms and Conditions that guarantee nothing.

Is 24houranswers.com reliable?

The system is slow and cumbersome. You’ll have to wait hours to get a response from a tutor, and there’s no guarantee they’ll take on your request. The quality of their tutoring is also under question, considering the negative feedback and the ready-made homework in the library.

Is 24houranswers.com a scam?

I don’t think so, though they definitely do everything in their power to squeeze as much money from you without providing much in return. I suggest you start with their homework library to check the answers on your subject before you waste hundreds of dollars on online tutoring.