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This writing service is quite famous in Europe since it was created in 2008. The company is aimed at students from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and European countries. Unfortunately, when I started preparing for this Advanced Writers review, I couldn't find the parent company's name. Most likely, the site owners do not want to advertise this information. However, the company is registered in Cyprus, which is not good.


  • Discount system


  • The support ignores you
  • Late delivery
  • Mediocre writers


The fact is that it will be difficult for you to defend your interests in court because the company is subject to the jurisdiction of Cyprus. In this case, even the coupon code for Advanced Writers will not be a good reason to order a paper from here. However, I do not want to be biased. So let's start from the beginning.


So let's talk about the company's pricing policy. If you are willing to wait about 14 days, the cost per page will be $15. However, local writers can complete your assignment in four hours. But then the cost per page will rise to $37. The services of an advanced writer will cost 25% more. But what if you need a copy of the sources? Then you have to pay $14.95. If you activate the Advanced Writers coupon code, you can save up to 10%.

By the way, all papers are written by freelancers from different countries. If you want a native speaker to do your assignment, you will have to pay 30% more. But why should I pay so much? Can't the owners of the company initially hire someone fluent in English? I do not need Advanced Writers discount code and other bonuses if the writer does not cope with my assignment.


And here's the most interesting part of my review. I have ordered an 8-page college research paper on Management. The main task of the writer was to describe the basic principles of social media marketing. I thought this is a fairly simple topic, and the writer is unlikely to have any difficulties.

It is worth noting that I decided not to analyze any reviews so as not to have a biased attitude towards the company. But I had no idea how surprised I would be. The fact is that the writer copied about 35% of the text from another sample. In addition, it is worth noting that more than half of the text is a slightly rewritten sample that I found on the site of another writing service.

Why do these guys think I'm so naive that they won't check my assignment? It seems to me that this is unacceptable! It is especially cynical to read the company's statements that they oppose plagiarism and do not support those who steal other people's content. Think twice if you want to order anything from here.

Unfortunately, these are not all the negative aspects that I had to face. The fact is that the writer made about six grammar and spelling mistakes. Moreover, it seemed that the intro and the final part of the paper were very different. That is why I believe that this writing service is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Find a more reliable company.


If you haven't read the Reddit reviews yet, you should pay attention to the revision policy. The company can make several changes for free, but you must prove that your claims are solid. In addition, I laughed for a long time when I saw that the company is ready to refund the full cost of the order if the student provides evidence. I submitted a link to plagiarism, but I was denied a refund as the QA team representatives said that the site does not open. It seems that this is a childish excuse and an attempt to make me give up the desire to return the money. This company likes to change its own rules, so you need to be careful.


I've seen some Advanced Writers reviews, but I don't understand why many people are negative about support agents. At least these guys are trying to answer quickly. On average, I received responses every four minutes. You can call the hotline or use the online chat. In general, the agents are quite friendly and competent. However, it seems to me that these are employees of an outsourcing company.


It's hard for me to be open-minded, considering that someone sent me a sample. This company doesn't care about the originality of the papers. This is why you shouldn't order anything from here. Instead, find a company that guarantees you anonymity and well-written assignments. Then you can count on a good result. This site is great for finding out which paper writing services to ignore at any time.


Is legit?
I am not ready to answer this question because the company owners did not indicate any detailed data on the site. This is most likely not a legit site, so you should be careful.
Is reliable?
This is an unreliable site as writers cannot handle even simple papers. That is why you should find a more reliable company and not take risks.
Is a scam?
This is very similar to the truth. Writers don't hesitate to submit samples downloaded from the Internet. I think this is unacceptable and you should find a more reliable company.