Assignmentconsultancy review 2022

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About AssignmentConsultancy

Assignment Consultancy is a writing service for English-speaking students. Unfortunately, at the same time, all the so-called experts are located in India. This is a very frustrating aspect for me, as I have heard a lot about Hinglish and the inattention of Indian freelancers. However, it should be noted that I have nothing against any nationality.

However, the lack of juridical information on the site suggests that my Assignment Consultancy review will be controversial. Part of my negativity is due to the awful and awkward website design. Many buttons, banners, or sections are inactive. I had to face a dozen bugs while trying to register and place an order. But let me not get ahead of myself and continue with this review.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

You will be very surprised when you visit this website. The point is that the company does not have a fixed cost per page. You will have to use WhatsApp or email to send your requirements, topic, and other details. For example, let's say you're looking for a Consulting Assignment proposal or any page with instructions. Use email and send all paper details so that support agents can answer. This is the only way to find out information that is important to you.

I had to wait about two hours until I received a response. The minimum price is $15 if you are willing to wait about 2-3 weeks. However, local writers can complete some assignments in 24 hours. The methodology for a Consultancy Assignment is about showing the value of writing service.

Besides, I have not found any discounts, but you can try to bargain with support agents. However, you are unlikely to reduce the price by 5% since these guys are only interested in maximizing profit. I'm sure of this since I haven't seen any positive reviews yet.

Is AssignmentConsultancy Worth It?

Since I don't like WhatsApp, I decided to use my email to contact support agents. By the way, I chose a 2-page college argumentative essay on Psychology. The writer's main task was to describe the importance of collective education and knowledge leveling without constantly learning new subjects. Since I did not know anything about the "types of the Consultancy Assignment services," I asked the writer to create five additional slides.

As you already know, I had to wait a long time until I received an answer. The essays and slides cost me $58. The agent said that the writer could complete the assignment within seven days. Since I was in no hurry, I decided to agree to these terms. It is worth noting that the writer exceeded the deadline by two hours. I had to wait and worry since the support agents are quite slow.

When I received my paper, I was a little shocked. First, the writer did not know what to write about. Most of the paragraphs were extremely weak. Even a schoolboy could have done better with such an assignment. Another problem is the choice of words. I got the impression that I was finally able to see what real Hinglish is. The writer replaced about six words with their Indian counterparts.

Is reliable? I do not think so! First, a writer needs to find out what adverbs, gerunds, and tenses are. Another aspect that surprised me is the very slow revision process. I had to wait about four days until I received a new version of my paper. However, the writer managed to correct only a part of the mistakes.

Terms of Use

Since I decided not to pay attention to other Assignment Consultancy reviews, my main goal was to study the guarantees for each customer. I wouldn't say I like that students have a limited number of revisions. But the main disappointment is the refund policy. 

The problem is that you can only ask for your money back if the writer didn't send you the paper or if you didn't receive your assignment on time. However, the problem is that some details are not listed on the site. In particular, the support agents told me that I could only count on a refund if the writer sent me the paper the next day. So it seems to me that the Consultancy Assignment meaning of refunds is a bit specific.


You can contact support agents via online chat or email. These guys try to be polite and respond quickly, but I believe that this does not negate the terrible quality of the papers. By the way, you won't be able to place your order in online chat, so you will have to communicate with these guys mostly via email.

Final Thoughts

Is safe? I do not think so. This company made an extremely negative impression on me. If I were a student, I would never order anything from here. There are quite a few other sites that offer affordable prices and high-quality paper. Find an alternative so as not to waste your time.


Is AssignmentConsultancy legit?

This is most likely not a legit company as I have not found any legal information on the site. This is why you should find an alternative website.

Is AssignmentConsultancy reliable?

No. I am very indignant at the poor quality of my paper. That is why I believe that this is an unreliable company that is not worth your attention. Find another site with better terms and conditions.

Is AssignmentConsultancy a scam?

I'm not ready to say that this is a total scam. However, I would rather suggest tearing one hundred dollars into small pieces than ordering anything from here. This site does not deserve your attention.