Assignmentdoer review 2022

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Glitchy site and horrible writing - that’s how I’d describe AssignmentDoer in five words or less. If you want to learn how I came to form this opinion, read the full review, though it’s not a story for the faint-hearted.


Want to learn more about the company? So do I! But we’re out of luck. There isn’t even a hint of the real owner of the website. And even the foundation date is fake. The company was established in 2005, and it’s been eight years since it opened its doors to its first customers. Either the owners aren’t good with Math, or the website hasn’t been updated since 2013. They added a blog in 2021, but didn’t bother replacing the standard first post. Reviews & Online Reputation

I did my homework, but I found exactly zero Assignment Doer reviews on Reddit, SiteJabber, and Trustpilot. For a company that’s been around since 2005, it’s more than a little suspicious. And the reviews on Assignment Doer are a joke. There are five of them, and they’ve clearly been written by one person. Unsurprisingly, all are 5-star posts without a clear posting date.

Pros and Cons 


  • Average rates
  • Free revisions


  • Spotty info about the owner
  • Weird website
  • Poor writing
  • No reliable reviews

Types of Services Provided

According to their website, Assignment Doer is a veritable writing powerhouse capable of helping you with anything from short essays to dissertations. The full list would be too long for this post, but you can hire the company for

  • Academic writing
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Paraphrasing
  • Math problems
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • PowerPoint presentations

You can get help with most disciplines, from Aeronautics to Web Design. Fun fact: the list of disciplines in the order form isn’t alphabetized. I had to scroll back and forth a few times to find Marketing.

Prices & Deadlines

The cheapest rate is $12.99. That’s how much you have to pay per page for a high-school-level essay, and only if you set a 10-day deadline. My Marketing case study cost around $90, though I needed six pages done in a week. It’s by no means the cheapest writing company I’ve used, but still reasonably priced. Surprisingly, they don’t offer rush orders, the minimum deadline being 24 hours. The writer delivered my order on time, though barely. In another hour, I’d consider it late. So I’m not sure how well the company handles time crunch. Discounts and Promo Codes

Sorry, but I have no clue how to get an AssignmentDoer discount. I haven’t seen a single special offer. So if you’re looking for a deal, skip this service.

Is Worth It?

This review turned into a rant, but you would’ve felt the same if you’d seen the hideous thing they sent me for $90. I wouldn’t call it a case study. It was more like a copy of a Wikipedia entry on Marketing strategies. The writer didn’t even bother choosing one soft drink company to research. Instead, they dumped a heap of useless unsubstantiated opinions into a file and called it a day. Hardly a piece I could turn in for grading.

Terms of Use 

The Terms & Conditions and the Refund Policy are both shady as hell. For example, the Credit Card usage clause refers to another writing company (24hwritemyessay, not Assignment Doer). 

You may be lucky to get a full refund, but only if you do not receive the paper and you can’t contact the support team for two days straight. I wonder how they expect you to request a refund if they keep ignoring your messages, though. And the full refund isn’t 100%, but merely 90%. The rest are considered service charges you will never see again. Revisions

Free revisions are there if you could call them that. I asked the writer to replace the awkward phrasing and add hard data to the case study. What I got in return was the same document with a few random typos corrected. And when I pushed for a real revision, the support team claimed I’d changed the requirements, so I’d have to pay extra.


It took a while to get ahold of a support agent through live chat. So I resorted to sending emails when agents stopped responding to my messages about a revision. They took their sweet time answering, so I wouldn’t hope for a fast dispute resolution. Support managers were as atrocious in their attitude as my whole experience with

Final Thoughts

If the glitchy website, non-existent reputation, and weird refund clauses don’t scare you away, let my Assignment Doer review be the decisive factor for you. The case study I got wasn’t worth even half of what I paid, so do yourself a favor and steer clear.


Is legit?

It’s impossible to tell. The company hides any info on the website owner, its history, and the legal terms look fishy. If they don’t pay much attention to their site, don’t expect them to treat your order with care.

Is reliable?

Not even close. They may deliver the paper on time or send it in late after ignoring you for a couple of days. It’s the worst choice you can make if you need urgent help with a critical assignment.

Is safe?

I don’t think so. They sure try to seem trustworthy, but they are ready to accuse the clients of fraud in case of a chargeback, all to avoid refunds. And even if they provide a paper for you, I wouldn’t trust it to be 100% original or well-written.

Is a scam?

It certainly looks like a clone of an essay mill, put together to trick you into paying for essays that aren’t worth what they charge. This site may not be a scam in legal terms, but you will feel like you’ve been robbed if you pay them.