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Our ultimate top 3 Best essay writing services this month:

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CheapWritingService is a writing company located in London, and it has offices in Ukraine and Latvia. It states that it offers cheaper prices than many other similar companies on the market. 

We will find everything out to analyze properly this company and its services. There are several CheapWritingService reviews that don’t praise this writing service. Well, I will try to provide you with my unbiased opinion!

The company’s website looks a bit pallid and too simplified but I hope it doesn’t affect its performance. So, let’s find out what we should expect. 

Paper Quality

I strongly believe that the quality of my essay should be a bit better. It seemed to be unclear. Well, the reasoning was reckless, and my essay wasn’t well-structured. Moreover, there were some typos and verbal errors. Almost every CheapWritingService review states that papers have some typos. 

I don’t think that my writer was a native speaker despite the fact that I asked for the native one. However, I cannot be totally sure of it. I have to admit that the essay has been changed a bit after the offered free revision. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough, and I was forced to edit it to make it sound passable. I might have been just unlucky. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

It is very hard to describe advantages in a situation when the paid essay has been of poor quality. Nevertheless, let’s try to find both pros and cons.


  • Quite a good support team.
  • Timely delivery.


  • Quite poor quality.
  • I have seen lower prices.
  • Poor revision.
  • Their money-back guarantee doesn’t work properly.

How Much Does CheapWritingService Cost?

I cannot say that prices per page are very high. However, they are not the lowest on the market. For instance, one page of high-school work costs $9 and the deadline is 14 days. The price for a Ph.D. page is $27 within the same 14-day deadline. 

If you want to speed up the process, you have to pay $67 a page. For High School students 1 page within 4 hours costs $29. It is important to say that almost every CheapWritingService review points out that rates aren’t really reasonable.

The biggest problem is that you have to pay an extra 30% for a native speaker. However, this option is included automatically by many writing companies. As you see, you have to pay for other services, and your total price is much higher in the end. Thus, I claim that their prices are not really cheap. It’s just a good marketing ploy.


I have decided to take my money back after receiving my first draft because I didn’t really like the writer’s style and structure of the essay. However, this writing service refused to give me money back on the pretext of the amount of time that the writer spent. I didn’t want to lose my money, so we tried to improve on my paper.

Naturally, I didn’t pay money to be involved in whipping into shape afterwards. However, not every CheapWritingService review describes the terrible policies of this company. So, I have had the misfortune to get familiar with the company’s guarantees ‘face to face’.

So, their money-back guarantee doesn’t really work. Free revisions are not good enough. They don’t have extra charges unless we count their extra features that may cost even more than the whole essay. 

Well, when this company says that it is capable of protecting your data and providing anonymity for you, it doesn’t really seem safe. As you see, guarantees don’t guarantee anything.

Customer Support

I guess that the customer support there is not bad. I cannot say that guys were excellent, but they tried to do their work diligently enough. Well, I guess so. However, I didn’t have a lot of questions while ordering. I had many questions for the writer and his writing style.

If you need support, you can call them or contact them via their chat or email. It is important to admit that you can face a discrepancy in hours of service. They don’t operate 24/7 as the company claims. Some other CheapWritingService reviews state the same.

Summing Up

It is obvious that I am disappointed with the service. I was asking for a native speaker, but I didn’t get the right one. I think that rates aren’t reasonable, regarding the results. I don’t think that the written essay was worth the money being spent on it. 

Of course, this company has a couple of advantages, like on-time delivery or an adequate support team. However, this is clearly not enough to trust this writing service with your assignments. If you want your essays to be duly written, it is definitely better to look for another company.


Is CheapWritingService legit?

Well, the company claims that it is legit. To my mind, nothing indicates that this statement is untrue. Nevertheless, it is hard to say for sure. I have seen one CheapWritingService review that stated this company is illegal. 

Is CheapWritingService reliable?

My experience shows that this writing service is unreliable. The quality was mediocre, and my essay needed improving on it. This requirement was the most important. However, guys from CheapWritingService failed it. It is a huge disadvantage if you can’t rely on a writing company because of the possible obvious consequences.

Is CheapWritingService scam?

What I can say is that this company is definitely unwilling to return money in spite of its promises. So, they do their job horribly. Actually, the writer was so unprofessional that I was forced to edit that paper. Thus, poor performance is the company’s huge weakness.

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