Coursepaper review 2022

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1 Speedypaper 9.5 Visit site
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3 Papercoach 8.3 Visit site Summary is a website where students can check essay samples and find books they need for the study. Although a service claims that it’s free to use their samples, they offer subscription options. It means that the reality differs from their sweet promises. I decided to write this Coursepaper review to delve deeper into the details and to tell you the truth. Is Coursepaper legit? I dunno for sure, but at least there are such pages as Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on their website. I think that it’s a real waste of time to use their samples because they contain a lot of errors and aren’t ideally written to serve as a pattern when doing your own paper. If you still doubt whether to use this service, go on reading my review. 

How Much Does Cost?

I’ve spotted a really strange thing, guys. It is said in their FAQ section that full access to the essay database is free, but the next sentence says that you need a subscription to get access to their essay library and study material. WTF? Where is the truth? They offer three subscription options: an annual one for $7.5 a month, a monthly for $29.95, and there is also a third option - you may be a contributor donating one of your essays to gain access. 

Is Coursepaper scam? This is definitely an unreliable service. So, it is better to avoid it and not waste your time and money on their poorly-written essay samples. Online Reputation

I tried to find some Coursepaper reviews, but I failed to do it on Trustpilot. Some other reputable rating platforms contained no reviews as well. So, is Coursepaper safe? I doubt it because the lack of reviews means that a service isn’t a top choice among students and those searching for some study materials online.

Paper Quality

I suppose most essays on Coursepaper are student contributions, so the writing quality varies greatly. I’ve found some very good research papers, but most essays are poorly written and unusable. Even the references are useless unless you want to cite blog posts or Wikipedia entries. But the worst thing about this site is the search feature that returns anything but what you need to find. And the entry names have nothing to do with the papers’ contents, so finding anything is a time-consuming chore. 


According to Coursepaper, 90% of their subscribers improved their grades after they’d signed up. I’m not sure how they came up with the number, and I don’t trust it. I’m sure using a study material library is helpful, but Coursepaper makes it mostly unusable. Besides, the company holds no responsibility for the content presented on the website. And they don’t offer refunds, even if you subscribe by mistake or miss your chance to cancel the subscription. 

Customer Support

Considering their no-refund policy, it’s no surprise customer support is also non-existent. The site provides no contact info, and the only way to get in touch with a company representative is through a contact form. I tried it for kicks and giggles, and I got a reply the next day. If you could call an automated message a reply. Overall, I got the idea that Coursepaper isn’t interested in creating a satisfying customer experience as long as you continue to pay money. And even if you have trouble canceling your subscription, you will likely have no luck resolving the issue through the website.

Summing Up

I have mixed feelings about Coursepaper. On the one hand, their library has some neat study materials, like test prep files for dozens of textbooks. And you can find well-written essays and research papers on many topics. On the other hand, finding what you need is almost impossible thanks to search issues and the complete disconnect between entry names and contents. And the company’s unwillingness to refund subscription fees is a huge red flag for me. 

I could have found a better use for the $30 I paid for a month-long plan. I’ve canceled my subscription, and I won’t renew it anytime soon. There are cheaper and faster ways to find study materials and essay samples.


Is Coursepaper legit?

It’s hard to tell because the site offers no info about the company behind it. However, Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the State of California, so the company might be based there.

Is Coursepaper reliable?

The website operates as promised, but it isn’t an all-in-one solution to your every school trouble it’s advertised as. And their database is mostly useless due to corrupted data and a faulty search feature.

Is Coursepaper a scam?

The answer depends on your expectations. If you want a database full of essays you can submit as your own, you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re after study materials, you might get some use out of Coursepaper.

Is Coursepaper a good service?

Yes and no. The site provides access to a huge set of study materials, but their quality is questionable. Some essays are available for free elsewhere. And while test prep files are useful, they aren’t available for every textbook on every syllabus.