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EduBirdie is an online auction house registered in Bulgaria. As a bidding company, they provide both students and writers with a platform that can be used in case you want to find a so-called ‘perfect match’. A lot of EduBirdie reviews point out this problem as very significant. 

The problem is that it really takes time to find a proper writer for your assignment. This company has a contemporary design. However, it doesn’t really help to find good writers. Actually, the company doesn’t help with the search. 

Paper Quality

Despite the assurances that EduBirdie checks its writers and editors, it seems to be uneasy to find a reliable and decent writer. It is important to know that this company isn’t responsible for writers in the end. 

The only responsible person is a student who bids for a writer. Thus, the whole system appears to be doubtful when it comes to responsibility. Other EduBirdie reviews underline this fact as well.

When I first received an essay and started checking it, I wasn’t really surprised at how it was written. The style of writing was strange. However, the paper was well-structured. 

Regarding the fact that I was responsible for choosing a writer, and I tried to find the best available, it seems that everyone should be extremely careful while bidding. Nevertheless, this site offered writers to choose, but their credentials were quite doubtful. 

Does EduBirdie actually work? I assume it works towards its well-being. It was clear that the assigned writer can’t change his style to make it more comprehensive.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • nice layout;


  • it takes too long to choose a writer;
  • high prices;
  • the auction house isn’t responsible for the quality of papers.

All assurances of the company split upon a rock of illogical actions. It’s no use setting the great store by its routine inefficient activity. 

How Much Does EduBirdie Cost?

The problem is that this online platform doesn’t offer fixed prices. You bid for a writer, and the lowest price is $18 a page. Naturally, it is far beyond the lowest prices on the market. 

Almost every EduBirdie review points out that prices are dreadfully high. Moreover, if you expect to get a great writer at $18 or even $25 a page, you are terribly mistaken.

It appears that a lot of writers and editors there are not native speakers. Consequently, you cannot totally rely on their writing because it is very common that they make grammar mistakes and misspell words. A lot of EduBirdie reviews state that writers’ inaccuracies are annoying. 


The company promises to refund all your money without asking any questions. It is nothing but a marketing ploy because you can use this option within 15 minutes after placing an order. Otherwise, you won’t get all your money. Thus, you shouldn’t rely on this statement.

The company claims that its papers are original. Nevertheless, some reviews describe situations when papers were plagiarized. 

As for my essay, it was unique, but its quality was worse than mediocre. As for the EduBirdie, Reddit states that there are many complaints concerning quality and originality. 

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, it seems that this platform doesn’t have support agents. I didn’t get through them, despite trying to reach them many times. Thus, there could be a couple of conclusions. 

The company’s support team doesn’t work properly if it exists. Moreover, it doesn’t care about seeking solutions. That’s what I think the company does.

Summing Up

If you want to have some fun or just because you have a lot of money or free time, you can have a go! Naturally, the received results will totally disappoint you. This company gives nothing but a platform for both a student and a writer. 

If you want to find the real responsibility here, you can look for ii too long. I don’t know who checks writers and how they are checked, but this process must be improved, not just stated. 

The quality of my essay wasn’t good. Revisions don’t really help if writers can’t discern mistakes and fix them. The style of writing cannot be so strange. Unclear and irrelevant phrases don’t make papers comprehensive. 

It’s better to write essays on your own. Many reviews confirm my opinion. So, try to find other companies that can prove their responsibility and reliability. 


Is EduBirdie scam?

The way this company works is very dubious. They don’t actually guarantee anything and it is hard to take money back. Almost every EduBirdie review takes this platform with a pinch of salt. So, this company is not trustworthy. 

Is EduBirdie reliable?

Unfortunately, it is not reliable. The problem is that the company’s involvement is minimized even if it shouldn’t be minimized. Thus, its responsibility is minimized as well. Is EduBirdie safe? Well, it claims that it’s safe. However, their claims may have nothing to do with the ground truth.

Is EduBirdie good?

It is sad to admit, but a good layout doesn’t make this company good. The offered writers and editors aren’t good at providing excellent services for students. It’s just like an outlet, a socket. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get electricity.

Is EduBirdie legit?

This company can be regarded as a legit one. They may not violate anything, but they don’t guarantee anything either. That’s why it looks non-transparent and doubtful. This company isn’t the best or at least an adequate way to solve your writing issues.

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