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As a college student, I know how challenging it may be to accomplish certain college assignments. Most students will agree that creative writing is not only a demanding undertaking but also daunting and time-consuming. At the same time, it is critical to mention that the vast majority of learners have to work part-time to earn a living, so they do not usually have enough time for the creation of well-structured, coherent and influential papers. 

Is there a way out of the situation? How is it possible to succeed with college writing assignments if you lack the time, desire, skills or knowledge required to complete the project? 

Browsing the web, students will come across a wide array of beneficial, affordable and reliable essay writing platforms that provide their services to help learners prosper with complicated college assignments. However, the choice here may be exceptionally challenging, as it is critical to opt for the best platform ever. 

When I was looking for a reputable and trustworthy essay writing company a few months ago, I noticed the page of EssayUp. I cannot even say what attracted my attention the most, but the website was quite nice and attractive. Besides, I found a lot of useful information there, so everything seemed to be perfect, and I hoped to finally find an essay writing platform worth appreciation. 

Are you excited to hear the whole story? Check out a detailed EssayUp review to hear the continuation of my story. Was it successful? Unfortunately, EssayUp is another disappointment I had to live through.

About EssayUp

According to the information I managed to find online, EssayUp is a UK-based custom essay creation service that is available for students all around Europe, USA and Canada. Transparency and affordability are the core values cherished by the team. 

Definitely, it is impossible to deny that the company website is quite intuitive and informative, but a few other features made me doubt the dependability of the service. If you keep reading the review, you will learn about my experience using the website. Additionally, you will obtain a chance to detect some strong and weak points of the platform, comparing them and making the final decision. Will I recommend the platform? Unfortunately, no, but the choice is always individual. 

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

The very first point I strive to pay attention to in this review is the pricing policy of the company. In fact, the costs here are ultimately affordable, as a single page of the college-level essay delivered in 14 days will cost you $14. The final price may vary a bit, depending on the number of pages, deadline, academic level and topic of the work. Besides, it is inevitable to highlight those extra services, such as plagiarism reports, for instance, will cost you extra. 

I ordered a 5-page college essay that was supposed to be delivered in 5 days, and the final price of the assignment was a bit higher than $80. If you do not take into account the quality of the delivered paper, the price is quite competitive. 

Is EssayUp Worth It?

Is EssayUp safe? Is the platform worth appreciation? Unfortunately, right after I was impressed by the reasonable costs of the available services, the quality of the delivered texts confused and disappointed me a lot. In fact, the poor quality and late submission of the assignments are the only explanations of their ultimately low costs. 

The text I got was submitted over 5 hours after the deadline. When I started reading the text, the situation was clearing up, as the essay was partially plagiarized, filled with errors, typos and mistakes. 

Terms of Use

As mentioned on the EssayUp website, the company provides its users with 100% quality and plagiarism-free essays. An excellent refund and revision policy are the options that attract many users who hope to get excellent papers worth the highest grades. Unfortunately, the refund process is quite long and tiresome. Instead of easy and quick communications with the customer support service and a beneficial solution to the problem, you will have to spend days talking to the representatives of the customer support and proving that the quality of the delivered essay is inappropriate. 


It has been specified in numerous reviews that the support team is quite long to respond. It took me over 20 minutes to get a reply from the representatives of the staff. Additionally, it is critical to mention that the team can help with minor issues that are related to the ordering process and payment, but it is completely inefficient with more serious issues, like free revision or refund. 

Final Thoughts

Reading a detailed EssayUp review, students can make their own conclusions. As for the, there is way too many alternatives that can accomplish the same tasks much faster and much more quality. The company does not only provide users with low-quality papers, poor communication and lack of transparency, it cannot guarantee the safety of the personal information. 


Is legit?

Surfing the web, you will find a lot of information about the service and its official status. According to the available data, the company is registered in the UK and functions in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country. At the same time, it is critical to mention that US clients may face significant problems dealing with the service. 

Is reliable?

According to the EssayUp reviews, the service has a few specifications that make it valued among some learners. Nonetheless, if you are not a high school student, who is ready to compromise the quality for the cost, you should search for more reliable and beneficial alternatives. 

Is scam? 

Browsing the EssayUp Reddit comments, you will find a lot of reviews about the service being scam. However, there are numerous learners who are satisfied with the provided services, so the company cannot be considered to be scam. 

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