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Our ultimate top 3 Best essay writing services this month:

1 Speedypaper 9.5 Visit site
2 9.4 Visit site
3 Papercoach 8.3 Visit site Summary is a service that promises to soothe your academic pain in less than 7 minutes and do the most troublesome assignments in no time. But are these guys really helpful and worth their salt? My Kiwipapers review will dispel your doubts about this academic helper because I’ll tell you the answer to the question, “Is Kiwipapers legit?” I doubt it because my experience was quite negative. 

How Much Does Cost?

Is Kiwipapers scam? My main goal was to find out whether this service is reliable, and I placed an order to get to know their price policy because these guys have no price table on their website. I had to chat with the bot first, answering standard questions. That was a real waste of time because I provided them with my paper details but haven’t discovered the final price of my paper. The AI assistant informed me that their prices start from $9.99, but once I’ve chosen the deadline, I haven’t understood what the price for my order would be. I haven’t asked for the Kiwipapers promo code, but I’ve read in some Kiwipapers reviews that you can ask for it to reduce the paper price. Online Reputation

Is Kiwipapers safe? To get an answer to this question, I started checking online reviews, and here is what I’ve found out. The vast majority of Kiwi papers reviews are quite positive, although you may come across some negative ones where students write about the complete scam and plagiarism in the delivered papers. To get to the truth, I placed an order. The quality of the delivered paper was far from being perfect and contained a pile of typos. That’s why I can’t say this service is a bang for the buck and I’ll share all the truth with you in my review. 

Paper Quality

Plagiarism was my biggest concern after a couple of negative reviews I’d read. Luckily, I didn’t get the chance to check if the Sociology essay I got was original, but only because it was in no way or form ready for submission. My expert barely scraped the surface of the topic, choosing to stick with basic definitions instead of providing argumentation. And the writing was far from perfect, riddled with glaring mistakes and typos. I guess ten days wasn’t enough time to write four pages and proofread them. 


I’m a big fan of reading the fine print, so KiwiPapers’ Terms and Conditions gave me plenty to work with. I won’t bore you with the details and only share the highlights. For one, you can request a ‘full/partial/zero refund’, though I don’t get the need to ask for zero of your money back. For another, the company isn’t liable for not meeting your paper requirements if the sources you need are not readily available to the public. Moreover, you only get three business days to check out the paper you receive and file a refund request. After that, the expert gets your money, and you have no chance of getting it back.

Customer Support

I didn’t talk with the support team. Instead, I had to go through the chatbot experience to place the order. It was somewhat easier than filling a standard order form, but I feel like it missed many of the requirements, like the formatting style (which the writer got wrong). Once the bidding process began, I also got to chat with potential writers, though I only talked with a couple of candidates. Overall, the experience was fine, though I feel like it took more time than necessary. In some cases, sticking with the tried-and-true solutions seems to work best for essay mills.

Summing Up

Getting an essay from KiwiPapers was an awkward experience for me. I don’t care for the chatbot in place of the order form, and I’m not a fan of the bidding process that takes time instead of saving it for me. Their policies are very well-crafted and leave almost no room to get your money back, especially if you dare to turn in the paper you buy as your own. Finally, the paper quality leaves much to be desired. I could have written a better essay in under 24 hours, and I had to do just that. 

KiwiPapers did not work out for me, and I doubt they will do better for you.


Is KiwiPapers legit?

It is part of Bulgaria-based RATATATA LTD. I’ve stumbled across other services run by this company, and they all seem to use the same website layout and chatbot. Unfortunately, none made it to the list of sites I recommend.

Is KiwiPapers reliable?

Depends on whether your essay topic is easy enough for their writers to handle. I wouldn’t let them work on a paper with a tight deadline, but they will likely produce something for you if you give the writers at least ten days.

Is KiwiPapers a scam?

Not really. It’s just another essay mill looking to squeeze as much money from you as possible. Unfortunately, the quality of their work doesn’t match the ambitious pricing. Still, it’s far from a scam.

Is KiwiPapers a good service?

Good is a relative term. So the answer hinges on your expectations and your prior experience with essay mills. I’ve learned to keep my hopes down and used plenty of other services, but KiwiPapers did not impress me. So I won’t use it again.

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