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Yes Summary

Today I’m gonna tell you about one more academic helper but is it a top choice for students? I doubt it. Is Mypaperwriter legit? They try to convince their clients that yes. This service offers not only writing but editing and proofreading assistance to those who got stumped when doing their college papers. Is Mypaperwriter scam? It doesn’t seem so, but you won’t be satisfied with the quality of the delivered paper. I can’t turn the tables now, but if I had a chance, I wouldn’t entrust my papers to these guys.

How Much Does Cost?

I’m gonna tell you about pricing in this Mypaperwriter review. They say that their prices start from $17.55 if you need writing assistance, $11.70 per page of editing, and $9.96 per page of proofreading. If you need your paper ASAP, the minimum deadline is 3 hours, then your paper will be around $36 per page. If you are ready for such a price, you may push your luck, but I got a poorly written paper with lots of typos and think such a price is too high for such a paper. Is Mypaperwriter safe? I don’t think so. Even if you apply their Mypaperwriter promo code, you’ll pay more than they're worth. So, better opt for another service offering loyal prices and superior quality of the delivered papers. Online Reputation

I always check what people say about the service, and this time wasn’t an exception. I found just one negative Mypaperwriter.сom review on Trustpilot, the rest were positive and sounded like a paean of praise. Without a doubt, the online reputation of the service is mixed, so it’s your decision whether to trust or not.

Paper Quality

I’m not sure where those positive Mypaperwriter reviews come from unless they are all fake. The paper I got was not worth the money I paid for so many reasons. The writer barely mentioned the topic I set and instead wrote four pages on a completely unrelated subject. Besides, the paper was littered with novice mistakes, like they couldn’t even be bothered to proofread the file before sending it my way. Finally, some phrases made me doubt the writer was a native English speaker. The word choice was weird and inconsistent, unsuitable for academic writing. I doubt the person behind it has a college degree.


The straightforward wording of the Money-back Guarantee boosted the Mypaperwriter rating a bit. Unlike many other companies, this site allows you to request a refund within 60 days of order delivery. Besides, they explain how much money you can expect to get back. For example, formatting mistakes will only get you 10% of the money paid, but if you find grammar mistakes and typos, you can request up to 30%. Only plagiarism can get you a full refund, but you have to provide ‘substantial evidence’. The company offers you a choice between store credit and hard cash, which is a point in their favor.

Customer Support

I didn’t have much reason to chat with the support agents until I got my paper. And they weren’t very receptive to my complaints. They were unfailingly polite and patient, but they didn’t actually help me resolve the issue, and the two revision rounds I went through didn’t do much good. I tried requesting a refund, but the assessment process was so drawn out, I got tired of waiting for a response. Besides, I had my work cut out for me, rewriting the essay in time for the submission deadline. 

And their newsletters seemed especially obnoxious for me after the disappointment of an essay I got.

Summing Up

Considering scores of positive reviews, I know my opinion will be unpopular. Still, I don’t think this company is worthy of your trust, your time or your money. Unless you’re luckier than me, you will get saddled with a poor excuse of a writer and end up with a paper not good for anything other than a cautionary tale. With prices as high as they are, I expected much more, and I was disappointed. I wish I’d stuck with the services I know and love instead of giving in to my endless desire to experiment and try out new essay mills.


Is Mypaperwriter legit?

It is part of Cyber Jam Limited, a company registered in the UK. You’d have to visit 120 Baker Street, London to check whether they actually have offices on the 3rd floor.

Is Mypaperwriter reliable?

I don’t think so. My experience was a roller-coaster, but considering the final paper I received, I don’t think I got my money’s worth. You may be luckier, just don’t blame me if you aren’t.

Is Mypaperwriter a scam?

I wish I could say so, but they aren’t. They don’t steal your money, but they sure don’t provide quality services either. I’d call this site a letdown.

Is Mypaperwriter a good service?

It may be for some, but it was an epic fail for me. I wouldn’t trust them with a personal email, let alone a college application or a research paper. Steer clear.

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