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PaperNow is a writing service that was created in 2016. WritePerfect LTD owns the site. It is worth noting that the company positions itself as the best writing service for English-speaking students. Well, this is a rather bold statement. That is why I want to start this review and give you all the details.


  • Easy-to use-website


  • Poor quality of papers
  • Tricky refund policy
  • Support can ignore you


The fact is that the company provides false information about the date of the brand registration. The domain has existed since 2016, while the company claims ten years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. It is worth noting that the site design is more like a PR landing page with hundreds of selling texts. Plus, I wouldn't say I liked fake testimonials. Is PaperNow legit? You will soon know the answer.


The company positions itself as a writing service with the most affordable prices. I agree with the statement that $11.22 is not a very high price per page. However, in this case, you will have to wait a whole month. If you choose the 14-day deadline, you will have to pay $13.67. Let's say you are in a hurry and need to receive your paper in an hour. In this case, the cost per page will be $41.47.

By the way, do not forget that the services of top writers are quite expensive. You will have to pay an additional $4.1 per page. You will have to pay 70% more for a pro writer. Are the writers so unprofessional that the company had to create yet another option for customers? I'll try to answer this question in my PaperNow review.


And now I will try to tell you about my experience of ordering papers. The thing is, I decided to choose a 2-page college admission essay. I am a future architect who wants to design bridges, skyscrapers, and shopping centers, according to legend. So I asked the writer to describe my skills, ambitions, and current accomplishments. In addition, I indicated that the essay should mention my ambitions to create new architectural styles and building concepts.

Unfortunately, this PaperNow review is going to be negative as the writer did not handle my assignment. First, I received my paper 25 minutes late. Are 500 words so hard to write? In addition, I found about 10% of non-original sentences. Another problem is selective compliance with requirements. The writer decided that my ambitions and goals are too secondary aspects that need to be mentioned. This is why my review will be negative.

In addition, I was very surprised by the chaotic structure of the sentences. Maybe the writer was in a great hurry. Otherwise, I cannot explain the incorrect verbal constructions, missing articles, and commas. I don't even need to search for any PaperNow Reddit reviews to understand that local writers are amateurs. Why does the company hire such people? I have no answer to this question.


In general, the company offers students standard conditions for ordering papers. I have not found any unique features. The only unpleasant aspect is the refund policy. The fact is that the company has identified only a couple of basic cases when any customer can count on a 100% refund. Unfortunately, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the papers, then you will have to wait until the dedicated QA team analyzes each paragraph.

Expect to be denied a refund as most decisions are made in private. I don't even need to look for other reviews to figure out how unfair it is. However, you should be careful and read all terms and conditions before ordering a paper.


Now let's talk about ways of communicating with support agents. First, you can use the online chat, email, or hotline to ask any question. Unfortunately, I could not use the last option because the line was busy. However, support agents respond fairly quickly to messages in online chat. On average, it will take you 2-4 minutes to get an answer to your question. So don’t forget about that.

I also asked a few questions via email. The average response time, in this case, is approximately 30-40 minutes. As you can see, online chat is the most acceptable option to ask a question that interests you. I've seen some negative PaperNow reviews, and I'm ready to say that support agents are the least evil you will have to face if you decide to order something from here.


It is difficult for me to be objective as I am extremely dissatisfied with the quality of my essay. Is the classic assignment so difficult for the so-called experts? It seems to me that this writing service was created solely to earn money. The company's management does not care that students may get low grades or not achieve the desired results. This is why I think you should find an alternative site. Quite a few companies will write the perfect paper for you at a more affordable price.


Is PaperNow legit?
This is a legit company, but this fact should not mislead you. The point is that you will not get a well-written paper because local writers are amateurs.
Is PaperNow reliable?
I don't think this is reliable, as local writers ignore some requirements and think plagiarism is okay. You should find another company and not waste time.
Is PaperNow a scam?
Most likely, this is not a scam company. However, you should not order anything from here. Instead, find more reliable writing service.