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If you are a college student, you understand how challenging it is to detect a reputable, reliable, and time-tested online service worth the attention of the student. In most instances, if the web-based service provides learners with an ultimately high cost of the works, it features an exceptionally high cost per page of the written text. Additionally, it is critical to mention that a range of other options contribute to the overall rating of the platform, including the safety, anonymity, and convenience of the experience, communication with the support team, transparency of the policies, and others. 

During the years of my studying, I have ordered papers from different services but have never paid attention to RushEssay. When I got a complicated assignment last week, I realized that I would not succeed without the extra assistance of professional writers. Therefore, I started searching for help once again. That was the point when I came across a comprehensive RushEssay review that convinced me to place an order and test its services. 

The first and the most important point I usually pay attention to every time I deal with the new service is the website. RushEssay is quite impressive here, even though the design of the main page is quite simple. If you take some time to surf the site, you will find a lot of helpful information that will dispel all your doubts and make you believe that it is the exact service you have always been looking for. 

About RushEssay

If you have ever come across my feedback about different essay writing services, you should know that I have a lot of experience here. Therefore, I was confused to learn that RushEssay is a time-tested platform that has been available on the market for years, but I have never had a chance to deal with it. However, when I started reading RushEssay reviews of previous customers, I found an explanation of the issue. 

Even though the platform has been offering its services for many years, the quality of delivered papers has always been mediocre, so the rating of the website has been low. As I do not usually pay attention to scam and fake services, I could never use this one either. 

After deeper and more profound research, I realized that numerous customers appreciate the company and specify it as a trusted and reputable one. So, I put my hesitations aside and decided to give it a try. 

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

From my personal experience, I can tell that most students are searching for affordable professional assistance. Therefore, the first thing I started looking for on the website was a RushEssay discount code or any other item that could make the price of the order lower. Although I could not find any of them, I remember reading a few reviews about the RushEssay promocode that is offered for first-time users. 

As for the costs of the assignments, the company claims itself to be affordable, offering its services at reasonable and competitive costs. Nonetheless, over $18 per page is not an average cost, if you understand what I mean. Additionally, it was quite confusing to notice three levels of the quality offered by the team that ranges from standard and up to premium. What does it mean? In short, if you order a standard text, you should be ready to contact the team, asking for revisions. 

After I ordered a three-page paper for almost $100 and received a poor-quality text filled with mistakes, typos, and errors, I realized that it was the first and the last time ordering essays at RushEssay. 

Is RushEssay Worth It?

No, I can definitely say that this essay writing service is not worth the attention of learners, who value their time, effort, money, and reputation. As it has already been mentioned in the review, the prices here are quite high, while the quality of the papers is low. Therefore, if you do not want to get disappointed, you should search for an alternative platform. 

Terms of Use

It took me a while to find a review that mentioned the revision and refund policy offered on the website. In fact, what I understood was that you should not rely on any of these options, as you will spend more time proving that the text is plagiarized and filled with mistakes than correcting the mistakes. 


The representatives of the customer support service are quite friendly and helpful. Numerous reviews will prove this fact, so you should not doubt it. However, the team can do nothing when it comes to more serious issues related to the revision, refund, or safety-related questions. 

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of a few positive points you could have noticed in a RushEssay review, it is one of the worst services I have ever dealt with. I cannot even recommend the company to high school learners, as there is a wide array of more affordable and quality services they can take advantage of. 


Is legit?

Yes, the company is officially registered and has been offering its services on the online market for years. However, irrespective of its experience on the market, the quality of provided options is ultimately low. 

Is reliable?

Definitely, no. The service features high costs that are not reasonable. Additionally, ordering a standard-level paper, you should be ready to get a plagiarized, poor-quality essay filled with typos and mistakes. 

Is a scam? 

Although the company functions in accordance with the relevant laws, the quality of the provided services makes it look scam.