Review - Is it Legit & Reliable or Scam


StudyBay is a well-known online paper-writing platform that has been satisfying students’ requests since 2011. According to the main page, the company’s writers have managed to complete thousands and thousands of orders and receive a lot of positive feedback for their work.

Normally, I am rather skeptical about the numbers that writing companies post on their websites, yet the sheer multitude of StudyBay reviews on other platforms and across the Internet proves its popularity. And what’s more important, the ratings are exceptionally high, so that was enough to get my curiosity.

StudyBay main page

Considering that the website design didn’t impress me at all, and I was somewhat disappointed with its layout and navigation, it all made me even more excited about conducting my own research and sharing the results in this review.

Paper Quality

One thing that makes StudyBay stand out among other writing services is the bidding system eliminating the intermediary between customers and writers. There are obvious pros and cons to this method, but a great deal depends on how it is implemented on a particular website. Judging from hundreds of positive feedbacks on TrustPilot and SiteJabber, contributing to nearly perfect scores, they has managed to make it all work like a clock.

Studybay reviews trustpilot

And so, I was eager to order a paper and check it all for myself. Placing an order was simple enough, and to start getting bids, visitors need to only enter their email, set the desired deadline, and write a topic or provide some basic description of a paper. You can provide all the additional details later and start selecting a writer without wasting time.

I was glad to see that there was no lack of writers for me to choose from, and they all had experience in the discipline I specified. There were writers with higher ratings who charged respectively, but I wanted to check how a writer with lower rates would handle my order.

I didn’t set too tight a deadline because that is not what people who prefer the bidding system should expect, especially if you haven’t worked with that writer before. The paper was delivered by Study Bay on time, and it was very well-written.

I made sure it had no plagiarism, and I didn’t discover even the smallest mistakes. The topic was properly explored, and all the answers I included in the order’s description were answered. It seemed that there would soon be another complimentary review, mine this time.

1Direct communication with writers.
1Some inconvenient navigation choices.
2A chance to choose your writer and order cost.
2No fixed prices.
3Friendly customer support.
3No assigned writers.
4Detailed guarantees.
1Direct communication with writers.
2A chance to choose your writer and order cost.
3Friendly customer support.
4Detailed guarantees.
1Some inconvenient navigation choices.
2No fixed prices.
3No assigned writers.

How Much Does StudyBay Cost?

There are some cost examples mentioned on the Study Bay main page, but I hoped to see an expanded price table and couldn’t. However, I soon noticed there is a price calculator at the top of other pages.

StudyBay's price calculator

It is obvious, of course, that it shows very approximate results because there is rarely such a thing as fixed prices with the bidding system. On the contrary, that’s why people like this approach as it lets them negotiate the price with a writer or set their own suggestion of the compensation size.

In my case, I got offers from $12 to $35 per page for an undergraduate level essay on information technology. Not bad at all, considering that service offers a $5 coupon on your first order.

Another convenient thing is that they accept partial payments. So, if you see reviews claiming that the service is too expensive, this is probably because their authors were impatient or weren’t familiar with the bidding system.

studybay writer profiles


Before placing an order, I tried to answer the question “Is they legit?” by checking their terms of use and refund policy. What I liked from the get-go was the length and visible organization of this page.

The user’s agreement is very thorough, unlike some other companies that don’t bother with this page and expect users to trust them. As for the money-back guarantee, it is very specific and details more cases than I could capture in a screenshot.

studybay Refund policy

There are unlikely any reviews that would call this policy insufficient, and I have no reason to do that.

Customer Support

Although you are already chatting directly with the writer, I was glad to find out that customer support could be easily reached. I got almost an instant response, and the reply was written in a friendly manner. It’s good to know you can rely on a website representative if you have any trouble with your writer.

Studybay livechat

Summing Up

I would like to conclude my Study Bay review by saying that this is a great site for those who prefer the bidding system or those who haven’t had a successful experience with it before. It may not be the best choice if you have a really urgent task, but if you can afford to spend some time on choosing a writer, you can get a very good deal on a paper written by a skilled professional.