review 2022

Our ultimate top 3 Best essay writing services this month:

1 Speedypaper 9.5 Visit site
2 9.4 Visit site
3 Papercoach 8.3 Visit site Summary is a website that offers not only assistance with papers but contains a vast database of essay samples you can browse for free. But is this service worth its salt? Is Wowessays legit? I’ll share all the details in my unbiased review below. I’ll tell you why this website isn’t a top pick if you are searching for outside help with troublesome college assignments. 

How Much Does Cost?

Let’s talk about the prices in my review. It is said on their website that a high school paper will cost $10 a page, but when I checked it, I found out that the price per one page of a high school paper with the maximum deadline is $12. So, these guys are not really honest when informing about their prices on the main page. Maybe, with the applied Wow essays promo code, the price will be a bit lower, I dunno for sure because I’ve ordered a college paper. Is Wowessays scam? Not sure, but you need to be cautious with your finances in order not to get trapped. Online Reputation

I’ve checked a pile of Wowessays reviews online, and you know, one thing made me feel really suspicious. Just excellent reviews on Trustpilot. I’m not picking on it, but it is really strange. However, I found one negative review on Sitejabber where a guy said that he would leave no stars if he could. There is a page with feedback on the website, but I failed to find at least one negative Wowessays review. If you ask me, “Is Wowessays safe?” I’ll tell you, “it depends on your luck and whether they’ll assign a proficient writer to do your paper.” I’m pretty sure they have someone knowledgeable, but I wasn’t lucky to get a paper from such an expert. That’s why my Wow essays review is quite negative. 

Paper Quality

I didn’t pay much attention to Wow Essays reviews, and the price of my negligence was high. In hindsight, they seemed suspiciously positive and poorly written in the same style as the essay I received. I detest everything about it, from the use of Wikipedia as a primary source to the skewed formatting. And don’t get me started on the number of mistakes. Even a simple spellcheck should have removed most of them, but the writer didn’t bother to make the paper presentable. I couldn’t even use it as a sample because the arguments were weak and unsupported, so I had to do everything from scratch after begging for a short extension.


You only get three free revisions, and you have to request those within seven days of getting your paper (within 14 days for assignments over 20 pages long). While I appreciate the honesty, I’ve become used to unlimited free revisions. And the Money-back Policy isn’t much better. I reread it twice but still didn’t understand if I could get a refund if I ran into trouble with the paper. The only cases described in the policy include late delivery and the company’s inability to assign the writer. Neither looks very promising.

Customer Support

The only thing to boost Wowessays rating for me was a chat with Axel. He was polite and patient, though some of the answers came a bit slow. I guess there was an influx of students seeking answers. I appreciated Axel’s help and the fact that he didn’t try to convince me to order asap. But, of course, the moment I needed a revision, the answers slowed down even more, and the support team’s willingness to help evaporated. Sometimes the agents misunderstood me and drew out the conversations even further.

Summing Up

This isn’t the worst essay mill out there, but it takes the place of honor among the lowest tier of writing companies I’ve tested. Even promo codes don’t make their services better (GETWOWED got me 11% off the first order). Considering the time you’ll waste trying to get revisions and a refund, the bottom line will never be in your favor. I plan to delete my browser history and drink some brain bleach to forget I was foolish enough to pay Wowessays. Let my misery save you from the same sad fate.


Is Wowessays legit?

According to the info on the website, Wowessays is part of CoreForce Ltd Cyprus, with headquarters in Larnaca. However, I didn’t go as far as to check their registration number, so I’m not sure how real of a business it is.

Is Wowessays reliable?

Despite all the glowing reviews, I don’t think this essay mill is reliable. The writer I got missed my requirements by a mile, so I won’t trust them with another of my papers.

Is Wowessays a scam?

I don’t think so. The company delivered an essay for me, though the writing was atrocious. If you don’t have high expectations, you might even be happy with what you get. As for me, I’ll be using other services.

Is Wowessays a good service?

It wasn’t for me, though I only ordered one essay. Other writers might be better, but I have my doubts. Wowessays won’t make it to my list of good writing companies unless they manage a full overhaul.