Wr1ter review 2022

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About Wr1ter

I ran across one Alex Wr1ter on Twitter of all places. While the account wasn’t too active, there were plenty of positive tweets to make me curious about the company behind the profile. It took all of five minutes to learn the website belongs to an Estonia-based company SolCenter OÜ and offers a wide array of writing services, including revision and proofreading, suitable for all academic levels.

I had high hopes for the company and was ready to add my glowing Wr1ter review to the existing array. Unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns once you pay and want to get your money’s worth. I’m here today to share the ugly underbelly of Wr1ter to help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

The lowest rate is only $14.99, which is more or less affordable. But it only applies to high schoolers and 14-day deadlines. If you’re a college junior or senior, the prices start at $17.99 and go up fast if you settle on a shorter deadline. I wonder why none of the Wr1ter reviews mentions inflated rates.

I settled on a 4-page History essay and a 10-day deadline when placing the order. Still, it was outside my usual paper budget with an order total of $75.96 ($18.99 per page). I wish I could use a Wr1ter promo code to get the price down, but I wasn’t offered one and forgot to ask a support agent for a discount.

On the plus side, the company didn’t push me towards too many useless extras. I could have gotten a plag report or a digital copy of the sources used for 15% each. And SMS notifications with order updates would have cost me $1.99. I skipped all of these.

Is Wr1ter Worth It?

While there are plenty of testimonials on the website, they never look convincing enough for me. So I searched Trustpilot and SiteJabber for genuine wr1ter.com reviews and came out empty-handed. I won’t tell you that’s a sign of poor quality, but I’m sure you agree it seems suspicious.

Besides, I disagree with tweets praising writing quality. My paper was barely passable for college, with plenty of redundancies and inconsistencies I had to rework on my own. I could use the majority of the content, but it took a few hours to weed out all mistakes, and I couldn’t afford to wait another day or two for a revision. The sources the writer used were mostly alright, though some were biased, so I had to replace a couple of passages. Overall, I wouldn’t say the paper was worth $75.

Terms of Use

I spent hours reading the fine print for this wr1ter.com review. All because you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Guarantees and Services Agreement when placing the order. And while most clauses are standard, there were a few conditions that caught my eye.

For example, the Money-back Policy is very vague without clear terms for refunds if you find mistakes or plagiarism in the paper. I was also surprised to see the conditions for leaving feedback on the website. For example, you have to agree to display your name, social media profile and other info regardless of the risk of discovery by the school administration. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would agree to that, so I wonder where the reviews posted on the website come from.


It took a while to get any response from the support agents in the live chat. I was curious about discounts and deals the company offers even after I’d paid for my order. So I talked to Vicky Barton, who was gracious enough to provide a promo code for 25% off that could have saved me $20. So if you believe all the positive Wr1ter reviews and ignore my warnings, contact the support team for a code to save on your first order.

Final Thoughts

Is Wr1ter safe? Despite my high hopes and sincere wish to like this company, I was disappointed. My paper wasn’t a total failure, but it wasn’t worth the money I paid, considering the extra time I had to waste getting it into shape for submission. I’m sure Wr1ter can get better in time, but for now, I won’t be coming back, and I suggest you stick with reliable writing services instead.


Is wr1ter.com legit?

The website belongs to SolCenter OÜ, a company based in Estonia (Company Registration Number 14766987). The company seems rather young, with a small writing and support team that’s not ready to handle various college assignments despite their promises.

Is wr1ter.com reliable?

They can stick to the deadlines and produce mediocre writing. However, I wouldn’t trust this company with any assignment beyond a simple essay. I don’t think their writers can handle Master’s or Ph.D. theses. And even research papers may be beyond their capabilities.

Is wr1ter.com a scam?

No, Wr1ter is a legitimate business, even if their prices are inflated, and the quality of their services leaves much to be desired. You can easily find a trustworthy writing service with student-friendly prices to use instead.

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